selling Juanita's stuff

I have a lady friend here in Merida who is trying to get back to the United States.  She is getting just a bit older, and wants to be closer to her kids, grandkids, and hopefully the prospect of great grandkids.

She has a few things left to sell, in addition to her house - so I thought I'd try to help out!

First Things First - I am NOT the seller, you need to contact Juanita directly at her email - "Juanita Geraghty"
grangeragh at yahoo dot com

at the end is a link to a video of Juanita's house, you'll see better views of the furniture if you watch the video.

Here's the stuff -

there are 2 of these Rustic style sideboards, one is 3 drawers, the other is 4 drawers

the 3 drawer measures 65.5 x 21 x 32h, inches - 1000pesos
the 4 drawer measures 78.5 x 21 x 32h inches - 1500pesos

they are in pretty good shape, with a smooth finish

  3 panel 

4 panel

this large dining room trestle style table has a glass top with see through panels with decorative metal,  the table measures 70 x 42 inches, I forgot to get the height - there are 8 chairs, and two of them have a decorative gold seat covers.

table and 8 chairs - 3000pesos

there are a pile of frames

in the left back there 11 - 16x20inch oak frames, 100pesos each

in the right back there are 14 - 11x14inch oak frames - 75pesos each frame
see below also

  you'll just have to go by to get the details on the rest

there is also this large wooden frame, it is 45.5x35inches, and is 250pesos.  The photo is a beautiful sunset that Juanita took long ago.

and these 4 heavy metal chairs, 500pesos

and this older Panasonic microwave, 1000pesos

and in case you are interested in a house, in Centro, 2 doors from Merida's English Library,   Juanita's House