To Belize and Back Again - On Getting Home

Our ferry from San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, Belize to Chetumal,  Quintana Roo, Mexico was scheduled to leave at 7:30AM.   No problem, most of us were typically up well before that anyway.

7AM and the taxis we needed to get the luggage to the ferry was there.  Just a few minutes after that and everything was being off-loaded at the pier and we were in line at the counter to check in for our departure.

I was going to go in to this long drawn out explanation of the ineptitude that transpired to get us through Immigration, but it is beyond comprehension.

You Better Belize It!! The Exit Fee Scam

Before leaving for Belize I was checking on the fees that would be required for Exit and Entry, of both Mexico and Belize.   The info is confusing, and contradictory, even on the Country web sites.

Corruption, it exists, and what are you really expected to do - make a fuss!

I mean if you Google for info on exit fees you come across all sorts of posts about scams by Border 'Officials' even photos of the Officials, and yet nothing happens.

So everything I had read said that they would charge a Port fee, but that it was illegal.  OK?  So you decide, pay the illegal fee and cross, or don't pay and don't cross.

The fees alone are amazing - First window we paid our Departure Processing Fee 15USD, and the Port fee of 5USD. Then we stepped over to the next window and paid the PACT * which is a Tax for supporting the reef as a preserve 10USD.

Now everything I read on the internet, and recent info, says the Departure Processing fee should be 7.50BZ.  It also states the Conservation fee (PACT) should be 3.75 - whatever!!!!!!!!

So FINALLY, about 9:30 we were departing San Pedro on Ambergris and heading for Chetumal.

 Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT), The proceeds from this fee is distributed and used to sustain the protected areas in Belize.

upon arrival in Chetumal, we decide to find food and headed up 

to Avenida Heroes where we found a great breakfast.  Then 

taxis to the bus station, then the bus home.

It had been raining quite a bit before we go to Merida so there 

was some serious street flooding going on.

well, that's that - There and Back Again!