It's official, finally

I've been talking about having a second car for more than a year, probably close to two years.  Something small, easy to maneuver,easy to park, cheap to run, repair and maintain....  

Tom and I have gotten to the point where are actually having to schedule the car to ensure it's use when needed.  Anyway, I've talked about it, but haven't actually done anything about it!

Well a few months, actually nearly 6 months ago I knew of a friend who was planning to return to the US and wanted to sell the car, but didn't actually want to let it go until she was on the runway heading back to the USofA.  That's a tough sell.   Anyway, several promises to buy fell through, and I finally stepped up and actually made a down payment, that was in October.  Today was collection date!   She's not actually on the runway, but with the holidays we really had to get this wrapped up.

So today I got my, 'not so new' car.

What this is is a 2002 Chevy Corsa 5-door hatchback, 
with 28000kilometers(17400miles)

Okay, for those of you living here in Merida, that might have an interest in the buying/selling process - This is a Yucatecan plated car, for the Seller, all you do is enter the following simple statement on the back of your Original factura, or bill of sale. 
"Cedeo los derechos de la presente factura a de sr/sra ____buyers name________."
the seller signs it and provide the buyer with a photocopy of their identification and a utility bill.

AND, and this is the part I love, IF this vehicle has been sold several times, then there will be several similar statements from each Seller.  

The minimum paperwork you must get with your car is -
  • (Factura, original): if you buy it from a used car dealer, it must be an orginal invoice from them (if they own the car), copy of the invoice of Origin from both sides (with proper endorsements of previous owners) copies must be well made and clear. If it's from a direct person, just the orignal invoice when they bought the car with all the endorsements of previous owners (check to see if the names are as indicated in the endosements)
  • Copy of the  Id from the owner (IFE, or passport)
  • Copy of Bill from his address (telmex, CFE).
  • Original of Tarjeta de circulacion (transit permit).
  • Original of Tenencias for past 4 years.( tax of ownership)
  • The owner might give you a letter of sale for you to sign, where you accept the car in the conditions it is in, and you are liable for  what ever this car is responsible for from this date on.

For the Buyer, when you go to register the vehicle in your name you take - 
  • that original signed factura, and a copy of front and back,  in fact all the items listed above
  • the copy of sellers id
  • the copy of the sellers utility bill 
  • your original id and a copy, 
  • original utility bill with your name and address and a copy
at least I think that's all you'll need.  I went today to attend to this paperwork, however, my immigration documents are with INM(immigration) and they wouldn't accept the notification letter from INM and my copies of my visa card.

so sometime in January I should have a better handle on what the Buyer must do.