Tercer Concurso National e Internacional de Piano 'Jose Jacinto Cuevas' competition.

Whenever you talk to or ask anyone about what they like or why they chose to live in Merida, one of the top two answers will be the cultural activities.   And the cultural activities abound.  Merida boasts a fabulous symphonic orchestra, which played last night with the three finalists of the Tercer Concurso National e Internacional de Piano 'Jose Jacinto Cuevas' competition.

Now I enjoy symphonic music, or Classical music, whichever you prefer; but I have a difficult time to attend symphonic events because it is just to sit-still for me.  I dose, I know, my bad!

I enjoy my classical music - at home - turned up loud - while I am doing projects or housekeeping.   Maybe if I knew more about music I could sit and appreciate it.  I'm a bit of a metal head too, but I don't sit still and listen to that either.

Anyway, we went to the performance of the 3 finalists in this piano competition; young men all, 21, 22, and 25 years old.  A Colombian  a Mexican, and a Cuban.  They were amazing, and yes, my head did dip a few times.

The audience were given sheets on which we could vote our favorite.  I have to say that it would have been easier if the music were of similar style and effort.  The first two performances were a Schumann and a Chopin, with similar qualities, but the third piece was a Prokofiev, - and so different, and if forced to choose, I didn't last night because as I said I just don't know enough about music, but for me, and for Tom,  the young Colombian, Wilson Esteban Labrador Lopez stole the show ~   They each were/are each incredibly talented, but the music and the intensity of the Prokofiev piece just made it more dynamic.

the amazing Peon Contreras theatre

tuning up

Darion Antonio Martin Garcia of Cuba, age 25, doing Schumann's Concierto en la menor, Op. 54

Rolando Valdes Pinal of Mexico, 22 years old, doing Chopin's Concierto No.1, Op 11 en mi menor 

Wilson Esteban Labrador Lopez of Colombia, 21 years old, doing Prokofiev's Concierto para piano, Op 26 No 3