Immigration Renewal 2013, Part 4

Yes,  I changed the title to reflect 2013, not 2012, because, well you know why!

So as previously instructed, I checked the internet till it indicated I should present myself to INM. 

I presented myself to Immigration 3 January - after an hour and a half of sitting and waiting, waiting, waiting I received an appointment for us to go in and get our immigration documents, at least that's the way I am hoping it will go.  An hour and a half just to make an appointment.

So today was appointment day, we had a 9am appointment, and we were there, on time.  At about 9:20 I, not we, was called in to the agent.  I answered several questions; education level, religion, kids, monthly income, height, weight;  I finally wrote on a piece of paper my height and weight in metric, comes in pretty handy.   

Then I did my fingerprints, yes, no training, and I'm qualified to do my own, all ten in my case, fingerprints - with a very wet inkpad, and then a piece of dry papertowel to try to clean the ink off. Fortunately I almost always have some baby wipes on me.  You never know when you'll need a baby wipe.  Then the shocker - I was given my nota to take to the bank to make my payment, and thats when I was told in 2 to 3 weeks I'll get a call to come pick up my immigration card.  That's not the shocker - They say they will call me!  That is the shocker.

So stay tuned for part 5!   It ain't over yet folks!

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