This past Wednesday, the 6th I got sick, I mean really sick, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, yada, yada, you know, you've been there...
Then came the pain, headache, muscle ache, joint ache, gut cramps, more diarrhea. Come to find out many of these more debilitating symptoms were a result of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance caused by the expulsion of fluids.   So currently I am trying to recover from the dehydration and trying to quell the diarrhea -Treda has slowed down the D somewhat...and drinking lots of electrolyte solution, and taking lots of ibuprofen is helping with the other stuff.
This was also particularly disturbing because this was the day of my birthday girls lunch, some friends and I share December birthdays and we have a new, this would have been the third,  but now broken tradition of going to la Pigua, my favorite upscale seafood restaurant for lunch.  This was the first opportunity with all of us here together, and I missed it!   
Several discussions with the doctor makes him think this is viral gastroenteritis rather than food poisoning which makes me contagious.   
I came in contact with a carrier....who?  No way to know, in fact I could have gotten it from anyone, or anything touched by someone that I came in to contact with within 24 - 48 hours of Wednesday. 
Now just because you come in to contact doesn't mean you'll get it!  You are more likely to get it if you are susceptible and I was just getting over the flu that had lingered for just under five weeks so my system was weak. And unfortunately I am a finger biter, so my nasty grubby little fingers go in my mouth without conscious thought.  
I have been advised to avoid people and crowds right now to prevent spreading this.  Obviously I don't feel comfortable flying, for a number of reasons, first, is the immediate...."no can wait"....access to a bathroom and second and very very important is transmission.

So we had to cancel our trip, due to start Monday, to Puerto Vallarta. We have friends that winter there and were looking forward to seeing them. 
 I keep thinking other people wouldn't cancel their plans to keep from possibly infecting others, did I do the right thing?  I have and you have been on planes, trains, buses with people coughing up lungs, sneezing, spewing vile nasty germs, and people with other evilness that is not so obvious, so should I have cancelled??

But then once there, I would be so limited as to what I could go and addition to the time with friends, one of my favorite things is to go to the botanic gardens, that would have been out.  as would have been a whale watching trip I was planning, so?????????

I'm feeling better, I can sit up, move around accomplish tasks with little or no pain thanks to ibuprofen.  The urgency is still there, but  with less frequency, although I'm not eating much and mostly boiled potatoes and carrots.

I think today will be the turning point, although I'm still apparently contagious, but only if I practice unsanitary habits, which I must admit I typically don't, and Tom and I disinfected much of the house the other day to help protect him and anyone that came by.  

Maybe I'll catch up on my blogging????????