You know you are getting old when...

you tell yourself you need to start keeping track of when you get sick - symptoms, time of year, relatable causal factors,  what treatment you administer, results, etc.

I'm sick - and I have this sense that this happens every spring, but I may be wrong.   Hence me thinking I need to track these things!

On Tuesday my allergies were going crazy, itchy watery eyes, stuffy nose, .... no big deal right, just allergies
then on Wednesday they were worse, plus I had a sore throat,  understandable, what with all the drainage
then Thursday came and I was feeling bad, bad, bad.  difficulty breathing, stuffy head, itchy watery eyes, zero energy or ambition and then this little cough starts, and that chest rattle that tells you CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!   I was down -  In addition to the above, add headache, ear tickle, complete lack of energy, couldn't process two coherent thoughts... oh,and apparently I was cranky, hmmmmmm.
I may have had a fever, but it would be hard to tell since the temp here was 39.6celcius at the highest point of the day, but only 35.7 here in the house 
So Friday and I'm thinking upper respiratrory infection,  caused by allergies caused by the piss poor air quality, humidity, my asthma, dot, dot, dot!  I started taking stuff to release the flem and mucous,  which then gives you the death toll chest gurgle and deep deep cough, and the sounds,oh the sounds.

It was a good sign last night when I actually took a shower, brushed my teeth,and changed my nightgown which I may well have worn for 48 hours straight.  Of course that took it's toll and I slept for nearly 10 hours.

anyway, today I am a little better...a little, still with all the drainage, and coughing, and unspeakable sounds, but I actually have some energy, so that's a good sign- right???  although I do have serious bedhead since I went to sleep with wet hair, and no styling product!