I've become less and less fond of everyday cooking.  I sure enjoy those all inclusive resorts, except of course you have to get up and get dressed!

This morning I was in the pantry and noticed I had a 6pack of black olives - so my brain jumped to attention and I decided to make tapenade!  OK, it's 8am, WTF!   Out to the garden, grab some herbs and a lime, grab the food processor and ouila!   Tapenade and tomato sandwich for breakfast! 

Only problem is with our toaster - I think this is toaster #3 in 7 years.    They all suffer the same fate - they work fine EXCEPT that they stop staying down when you push the lever down,,,,,so you have to strand there holding it down while your toast toasts!   

Now I know what you're thinking - she's retired, it takes just a few minutes, yada, yada, yada - and you are correct.  But still it annoys me!

oh the stress!  I know what some of you are thinking - and the answer is No!  I have not been drinking!