Travelogue - Pisa, Italy

1 October 2013


While in Lucca we used one of our days and did a day trip to Pisa. It is a short train ride, less than 45 minutes, and costs 3.3€ per person each way.


We had talked about staying in Pisa but really there were only a few things we wanted to see/do there.


We got off the train in Pisa Rossore,

rather than Pisa Centrale (Thank you Rick Steves) which is much closer to the compound where the Leaning Tower, Baptistery, and Duomo are. It was a short walk. There is a bit of a carnival atmosphere because of the crowds of people and the quantity of vendors. It's funny but you get warned off of purchasing from illegal vendors, those that are ambulatory, those without location and license, but while we were walking past a stand we saw the vendor loading up an ambulatory seller. So hmmmmmm?


It was so cool as we approached and got that first glimpse of the Tower. It is so iconic, and there we were.

The crowds were overwhelming. We walked all around, looked at all the buildings from all angles, it's all very impressive. We took pictures watched others trying to get that pose keeping the tower from falling... And I do have a confession to make here, I succumbed, I bought a Leaning Tower statue.







Ok, so after we had seen our fill we walked through town to leave from Pisa Centrale. The rest of Pisa actually looks very nice; reminds me a lot of Florence.


We got to the train station, and again, just a short wait for the train.


Got back to Lucca in time for late lunch/early dinner, I think it was about 3:30.


So we stopped in a restaurant we had been to before and like very much. It did not disappoint.


Lucca in Tavola

Via s. Paolino 130/132

Lucca, Italy