on to Wordpress

I looked and looked on Blogger/Blogspot Help and some Blogger/Blogspot Forums but found no answers to my Comments dilemma.

Therefore I have resurrected an old Wordpress blog I started a few years ago but abandoned.  I still think Blogger is more intuitively friendly for the non-techie type.

I have migrated myBlogger/Blogspot posts over, and a bunch of the blogs I follow are there as well.  If a blogger hasn't posted in 5 months I did not bring them along (well that's not exactly true, I brought Nancy and Barry along, even though they haven't posted in 8 months, and I know they have interesting stuff to say...).  I do like how Blogger/Blogspot has the option to put most recent posts at the top, but well you can't have everything, and at least now I can get and make Comments.

so if you are interested,  go to 

there is a super easy Follow Me button so you can get an email everytime I make a post