on to Wordpress

I looked and looked on Blogger/Blogspot Help and some Blogger/Blogspot Forums but found no answers to my Comments dilemma.

Therefore I have resurrected an old Wordpress blog I started a few years ago but abandoned.  I still think Blogger is more intuitively friendly for the non-techie type.

I have migrated myBlogger/Blogspot posts over, and a bunch of the blogs I follow are there as well.  If a blogger hasn't posted in 5 months I did not bring them along (well that's not exactly true, I brought Nancy and Barry along, even though they haven't posted in 8 months, and I know they have interesting stuff to say...).  I do like how Blogger/Blogspot has the option to put most recent posts at the top, but well you can't have everything, and at least now I can get and make Comments.

so if you are interested,  go to 

there is a super easy Follow Me button so you can get an email everytime I make a post


  1. With Wordpress, you can put your comments wherever you want.

  2. Whoops, I meant posts.

  3. Hi, maybe you can help me figure out my RSS feed problem now that you are in WP too. I'm still posting but apparently my posts don't appear on your page.
    I really like the photo on your header.