The Garden

I have had requests for info on the garden,

so this first post will be about the garden.

This first picture will be what it was when

we bought it, May 19 2006!

It's really horrible but has such potential.

This next photo is from Feb 2007

and now Nov 2007. What a difference!!

I started by creating a diagram of the space; it is quite uneven with slopes, dips, divots, and grade. Tom wanted to bring in a machine and flatten the entire space but I really wanted to maintain the existing topography.
I diagramed the foundation pieces; the large trees and design features. Overall we’ve stuck with the plan. Some plants have come to us unexpectedly and we’ve worked them in.

The foundation is in place, now we are adding in the art features, and the color; bushes, flowers, art work, interesting rocks, etc. I want to create pockets of space for rest, reflection, exposure to the local wildlife; well except for the stinky zorro (opossum), and a space where we attract wildlife; birds, butterflys…

I will try to post individual plants with their names as I am able.

Still in the design phase is a pergola and an aviary. The pergola design is set, in fact there are markers in the yard with the corner post set at the N, S, E, and W compass points. I just don’t want to commit to workers at this time. But it may be getting close as I’d really like some hammock hooks outside.