The Orquestra Sinfonica de Yucatan

Merida has a wonderful symphonic orquestra. We go with unfortunate infrequency. We mean to go more often but there is just so much going on here all the time.

We went to the symphony this past Sunday, for a Concierto de Rachmaninov. There were actually 3 pieces performed, only one of which was Rachmaninov; the other two pices were by Mozart, and Schumann. After a lovely breakfast at the Hotel Colonial, we went to the concert with new friends Ken and Lee. Ken and Lee are our neighbors and only get to visit Merida occassionally as they are still living and working in Canada. They are artists of stained glass in Canada.

The concert was held in the Teatro Peon Contreras. It's a gorgeous building; maybe an arquitect friend will help me to better describe the style after seeing some pictures.

We elected a box seat in the primer nivel (level one). Beautiful red velvet seats, cherubs, and an amazing chandelier and mural. Just look for yourselves:

The concert was great, we all really enjoyed it. There were a visiting conductor and a pianist for this performance. And only $80pesos per ticket. It doesn't get much better.