Construction Zone

Once again we are under construction. About a week before dreaded Dengue set in we had contracted with an albanil (mason) to do some work for us. We had 3 projects; 2 small, 1 a little bigger. The 2 small are to install a hamaquera (hammock hook) on the terrazza; now why we didn't think to do this during the remodel I can't figure out. And to finish a cinderblock wall.

Way back when we started our remodel project our neighbor decided to increase the height of the wall between our two houses. I'm sure he put a lovely finish on his side, but on ours it was ugly cinder block.
The bigger project is to build the pergola in the garden. We had laid out the corner markers months ago; after much thought it was decided that the corners would align to the 4 compass points. So timing is everything since we had to be at home anyway....

The pergola is nearly complete, the base is raised and back-filled, the columns are up, just need things to set up so that the cement flooring can be poured. It's really cool now to walk out and see through the foliage a column, makes you head in that direction to discover what is there.

Can't wait to be able to sit in my pergola in the morning sun and enjoy my coffee with the birds and beasties.