What a Day!

Friday was one of those crazy days where things just happen; it was a full fun day.
We started out by walking up to our local wood store. Merida is great in that everything has its own store. you need wood, go to a wood store, need hinges? go to the hinge store...
Anyway, we have the cement parts of the pergola finished and now need the wood parts that will create the top. On our way to the wood store we went by several friends houses and felt the urge/need/desire to stop in just to say Hi!, but didn't. On a mission!
The folks at the wood store were very helpful, but our desire for a 3.5 meter long piece of puc té, which is a very hard wood could not be filled there. I did ask the man if he knew of another store where I might find such a long piece of wood and he was very kind and gave us a name and address.
So back to the house for the car. - We found the store with little difficulty, and they do indeed carry and cut very long pieces of wood, for a price. WOW, the 2 side beams we need are going to be 418pesos each, and for the 20 smaller cross pieces that will create an open top they want 148pesos each. Yipes, quite a bit more than we imagined, so we said no thanks - for now!
We'll re-assess our options.
Well once you drag out the car you take advantage and run errands so we decided to haul off to Aurora Bodega, a Wal-mart type grocery/department store. And since we were heading so close to friend Janice's house, which happens to be next to the Vets office and since we need cat food, you see where I'm going with all this right, we just went and went, and stopped, and visited, and bought.
The Vet didn't have the cat food we need, but as is often the case here, they can get it, and bring it to the house. What a deal, so we told em what we want, where we live, and that it has to be before 6pm as we have other engagements this evening. Then a quick visit with friend Janice who has just recently moved into her newly remodeled house. So cute, she has a wonderful eye for colors. Then off to Bodega for some groceries. We got home about 2 and barely had time to have a sandwich and rest before our evening activities. Oh, the Vet people showed up with a bag of cat food twice the size we wanted. We don't buy anything in bulk here just because things spoil so quickly with the heat and humidity. So they'll bring a smaller bag tomorrow.