Sleigh Ride and Posada

Oh and at one point the buses pulled over and people started pouring out of the buses, come to find out it was a beer break, and there was an OXXO just around the corner. So a few minutes, beer, chips, etc and we were back on the road again.

Oh, then the bus we were on broke down on the way back to the park, so we got off hung around on the street until the other bus came and got us and finished our transport for the evening.
All in good fun!
Also for this evening we had a Posada. This is a very traditional Mexican event, religious in nature, but also very community oriented. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of this, but it was held at Dulce and Richard's house. Dulce is a powerhouse woman with endless energy and enthusiasm. She arranged with neighbors, prepared food, ponche, pinatas, rental chairs for the crowd...

Anyway, the organizer arranges for the Posada to visit and be welcomed at homes in the neighborhood - the Posada is a re-creation of Maria y Josef searching for lodging, it is done in song with Maria y Josef singing and asking for lodging and then when the doors of the house are opened the inhabitants sing back a greeting and welcome. This happens in many of the smaller more traditional neighborhoods. The Posada, is about 10-12 people, the singing is loud and sing song, there are palm bearers, etc.

So when the Posada had made its way around the neighborhood and got back to Dulce's there was food, more ponche, pinatas, visiting, etc.

It was a really fun evening, I hope to snag a few photos of the event and set them in for you to see.