It's COLD!!!!!!

I can't believe how cold it is; frente frio diezyocho (cold front #18) went through 3 days ago and it's been in the 60's since. Actually according the the Diario it got down to 58ºf/14ºc and since we are close to the airport where the 'official' temperature reading is taken I'm gonna say we were at 58ºf/14ºc also.

As some of you know we, actually I, decided we didn't need windows/glass in the windows and doors to the back of the house. And it's true we don't, but this cold wind is ripping through here. We created a house with GREAT airflow! You just can't stop some of it. Tom has been reciting the "I told you so's". blah, blah, blah...

We've been wearing long pants and multiple layers, Tom even has shoes AND socks on. I'm toughing it out and am still in sandals. But 3 layers of shirts. Had to get Matt his heating pad out, it's on high.

Today we had sun for the first rime in days and Tate and I spent quite a bit of time out in the sun trying to get warm.

Today we also went again in search of the wood for the techo (roof) of the pergola, but that's for another blog since I took pictures.

I hate the cold!