Mermelada de Naranja Agria

I made Sour Orange Marmelade. I had heard of it before but finally had the opportunity to taste it on Christmas Day at brunch en la casa de amigos. Amiga Cook thoughtfully posted the recipe on her blog

As some of you already know we have a sour orange tree right outside our back door. We love the sour orange juice for a load of different things; naranjada, marinade, soup flavoring, to flavor a glass of tea, margaritas, etc. Still with as many of the oranges as we've used, squeezed and frozen, given away, etc the tree is still quite full; although now esposo must use the escalera(ladder) to scale said prickly tree. ¿Did you know that the sour orange trees has life threatening thorns? Anyway, so what we need are just a few more things to do with the oranges. Amiga Cook comes to the rescue!

If you check out her recipe it calls for 6 oranges; I thought heck I'll just make a double batch and gift out some it! Well, after prepping the 7th orange I decided a single batch would have to suffice. Good Grief what tedium. Sour Oranges have an incredible amout of seeds; And my fingers were ablaze from the citric acid.

So after cleaning, slicing, seeding, cooking, cooking, cooking we have mermelada de naranjada agria. It's not quite as tasty as Amiga Cook, but for a first batch it's not bad. It's quite sweet enough, but there is a slight bitterness from the peel, but how the heck do you eliminate that? Mermelada is essentially orange peel.

And now I see Amiga Cook has thoughtfully provided recipe for English Muffin Bread double yum!