Rights, Freedoms, and Privileges

I was thinking about Rights, Freedoms, and Privileges today. Actually I've been thinking about them for a few days; Ever since I did the blog on the Cementerio.
I had a few comments/observations about the Cementario that I had intended to make but that were a bit unflattering to the local Aynamiento (City Government). I elected to remove those comments.

I am a guest in Mexico. I am here and can remain here at the Governments choosing. As long as I bring in enough money to support myself, spend it liberally, don't break any laws, don't offend anyone in a power position, and don't get involved in or make any comments that could be construed as defamatory or against the Mexican or local Government I am welcome to be here. Should I do anything that can/could be misconstrued, I could be asked and / or escorted out of the Country with just what I have on my person.

I, We, US Citizens take so much for granted. It really is something to be able to say whatever you want, no matter how controversial, and know you are free to do so; no reprisals, well except family and friends, ok maybe some reprisals, but really you wouldn't be escorted out of the Country, you might get the s##t beat out of you...
But really it is a privilege to be a citizen of the USA, even if I don't agree with, condone certain things that happen there.
Thank to all those foreigners that decided to make that great expanse theirs.