I've been stressing over my next blog entry - what should I write ---
We've just been so busy with everyday stuff that we haven't been on a big adventure.

For our friends and family back in the US who keeping waiting/expecting us to return - well it's not gonna happen, at least not for quite a while. We are so happy here.

Our days are quite full, we are enjoyong the exploration of this region, and the people.
We entertain quite a bit,that means we have people over for

meals; we eat, laugh, drink,laugh some more...We also go to others homes with pretty much the same routine, always a good time.

Tom goes on Sundays to Faye and Victor's for football, sometimes I go, but boy sometimes it's just nice to be home alone. Tom also has Monday Night football and cigars at Mercer Cigars Tom does stuff with the Men's Club, and has his occasional boys day with George which means Home Depot and hamburgers, at least that's their story and they are sticking to it! I do activities with the Women's Club. Get together with girlfriends, There are the Garden Club meetings, and the work in my garden, which is an ongoing project. Luckily I have Tiburcio to do the heavy digging and cleaning.
A friend, Joanna, wrote a book "Tomando Agua de Pozo" see an article here and here - She invited me to be a contributor in her book. What an honor; anyway so I've been busy lately with stuff with her since the book was just released. We had meetings to review our works after the editors had finished, to see the art work, to view the draft book, the book launch party, and finally a post party for all the contributors. It's been tremendous and I am so proud and happy for Joanna. She did a marvelous job, and I love the book. ps I can send copies back in mid February if any of you are interested, 200pesos = less than 20bucks

There are a number of evening local events we like to attend, there are art gallery openings frequently, symphony, ballet, musical events, dancing - We are renewing our FM3's, paying our taxes, we have to go for our 2nd of two shots for Tetanus, and need to get to the clinic to start our hepatitis A&B shots. I've been doing some computer/techie stuff for groups and friends; newsletters, brochures, blog set up, etc. We are trying to get to the lumber store to order the wood for the pergola, we're getting ready for a 6-day, 8-archaeological site trip through parts of Campeche and Quintana Roo. We are also planning for an upcoming visit by friends which means we take horrible advantage of their generosity and order all sorts of stuff to be sent to them for transport to us here. So keep this in mind when you decide to come visit, You'll be packing for 4.
It's a full experience here, so much to see and do, so much color and varity, so much to learn...