Busy, Busy, Busy

It's been another round of crazy busy-ness! I keep meaning to blog the events but dang there's just so much going on all the time. I had to renew a book I have out from the library because in 3 weeks I haven't been able to complete it; which is probably what I should be doing now instead of this.

We've been doing lots of stuff, fun stuff - mostly. I'm not doing a great job of taking photos to back up the events, lo siento!

We took a 6-day bus trip through Campeche and Quinatan Roo, visiting eight arqueological sites. We left February 1 and returned February 6. We started the trip with 29 people I think, and returned with all 29 + a kitten, Maya. It was a fun trip, whirlwind; probably too many sites too quickly, They seem to all run together in my head now

Put out another edition of the Backyard Fence; newsletter of the International Women's Club of Merida.

Friends Jim and Alma were here for a visit Feb 14 - 23. We had a great time, went all over - one place we visited was hcda Yaxcopoil. I really enjoyed the visit, but then I was able to have a very interesting conversation with a guide, I translated most for Tom, Jim and Alma, but it's not the same.

Attended a number of birthday parties, had dinners with friends, attended several art openings, etc, etc...

We toured the Museo Montes-Molina on Montejo on Feb 28 - what a great visit, the house is awesome. It is full of original furniture and family treasures. In fact the family still owns the place and visits frequently. One really cool tidbit of info; there was a very old maya woman dusting while we were there, her name is Carmelita, she is in her 80's, she has been working in that house, for the family, since she was 16. She lives on site, and will be provided for by the family till she departs. She spends her days pretty much however she wants; if she feels like dusting she dusts, if she wants to sew, or cook, or sit about, well that's what she does. There is a website for the casa, it's in spanish, but well we're in Mexico darn it! http://www.laquintamm.com/
I took some pictures while there, but now can't find them, maybe if I do I'll come back and add them in. One thing that surprised me, although the house is spectacular, and the rooms aer gigantic and beautifully furnished and painted, there aern't that many rooms. The sala is the entire length of the house with lots of intimate sitting areas; the house originally had only one bathroom - right off the comedor (diningroom), what's up with that. Then there were 3 rooms off each side of the sala; study, bedrooms, dining room, music room. The kitchen, laundry, and staff areas are all downstairs.

Got a huge plomeria/Flor de Mayo tree loaded with orchids that you can read about on Tom's blog.

Attended a great street/well park fair in parque SantAna that you can read about on Theresa's blog

Went to a BIG multi-State fair at the Siglo XXI Convention Center; vendors from Oaxaca, Chiapas, Tabasco, VeraCruz, and more, the cool thing here was the venors/artisans were all women; in celebratiuon of International Women's Day, ever March 8, mark your calendars.

The Merida English Language Library hosts an annual Chili Cookoff/street fair to raise money for the Library. Friend Menly took lots of photos - and it was written up in the diario. I ate chili till I thought I was gonna pop! And I bought a great little stone sculpture. One interesting fact I found out about the chili part - is apparently it's not about who made the best chili, but who your friends are. I was really surprised when in discussion people indicated they voted for their best bud's and not for the quality or tastiness of the Chili. Now all but one of the chili cookers were adults - hmmm.... FYI - I voted for a chili by someone I had never seen before, because I thought the chili was REALLY good. Doesn't mean I don't like the friends that were entered, and there were QUITE a few. But I really thought we were voting on chili, now I know!

Had our dental appointments, so glad that is over! However, dr dentist wants me to have my gazillion year old amalgum fillings replaced. They are quite old, and beginning to chip and leak??? We have our eye exams coming up. Went to a Dr about a lingering respiratory 'thing' and am on antibiotics for that. Not supposed to drink alcohol, or any citrus; but just keep forgetting. Had a beer at the chili cookoff, and had a limonada today, daggummit!

Spent the afternoon yesterday at friend Gil's place out at the beach. He is between Uaymitun and Telchac Puerto. We had a norther come through Friday night so the wind was gale force, the water was a mess, and the roar of the wind and surf was deafening, we had a great time, walked the beach, drank; mango spritzers, snacked, walked the beach, collected shells, etc...

Life is good, so much to see and do, so little time.