Restaurant Review - Las Cazuelas, Merida

Friend Theresa has a cooking blog, maybe I should start a restaurant review blog; we seem to be eating out a lot lately. Probably because we are out and about a lot lately, but still...

Anyway, we've mentioned Las Cazuelas to a number of people in the past two years. We've been there quite a few times, always on a Friday or Saturday night when they offer Jalisco style pozole. We were there again last night, which is why today you get to read all about it!
We've tried pozole at other places and really feel like dona Gloria's is the the best. dona Gloria is the owner, and chief cook. Las Cazuelas is clean, tidy,
and everything is always fresh, at least when we've been there.
We go most often with friends Lida y Diana; Diana, Tom, and I always get the pozole, Lida switches up and orders a variety of different things.Las Cazuelas is located in Residential Pensiones, at the corner of calles 7 y 68. Friday and Saturday night they offer the jalisco style pozole, They typically open between 7 and 7:30PM.
which is what we go for; ask for pozole con mescisa (only white meat), or else you get chunks of fat and skin which is preferred by many, but not us.
In addition to the standard compliment of condiments the pozole is served with tostada chips, hard crunchy. If you want tortillas ask for tortillas de masa, these are fresh made on site, in fact right before your eyes. If you ask for tortillas de harina they come from a plastic bag. And sometimes, not always you get a bowl cebollas cambray asado (grilled small onions), so yummy!