Cuban Food with Friends

Yesterday we had friends over for Cuban food;
Theresa and husband, as well as Mimi and Jonna. This was also a meet n greet between Tom and me, and Jonna and Mimi. We read each others blogs, and have read that we had attended some of the same events, so decided it was time to meet. Theresa and husband already know all of us.
If either Theresa or Jonna wants this photo removed I'll do it!
But, here they are prepping plates of awesome food! We decided to leave the food in the kitchen and serve ourselves from there! At least we were getting some exercise when we got up to refill our plates!

You can read about the food Theresa prepared, on her 'What do I do all Day' blog, and get the recipes, and see photos on her cooking blog.

Here's a photo of the mojito fixins provided and mixed by Jonna and Mimi
A mojito is traditionally made of five ingredients: rum, sugar (traditionally sugar cane juice), lime, carbonated water and mint.
I'm usually a beer or wine girl. But I must say I liked Jonna's mojito very much.

On Theresa's blog you get to see her food photos. She laments that we neglected to take a shot of the botana plate; slices of fresh cheese, tomatoes, red onion, garnished with minced mint and basil, drizzled with balsamic and olive oil, Served with fresh grilled baguette. Fortunately I did photo the plate, but sadly not until it had been reduced to xix (shish, maya for the bits and pieces left over)

It was a lovely afternoon, we had great food, a bit of music (provided by the Sala de Fiestas behind our house) good conversation, laughs, a few drinks, and now some new friends!

Can't ask for more than that. Gotta love life!