Frente Frio 40

That's Cold Front #40, to you English speakers.
Good Grief - I was just getting accustomed to - OK, summer is here, it's gonna be hot, adjust, get used to it!
To inaugurate this mental state of being it is time to shave the cat.

We have a Maine Coon Cat. He's 23 years old. He hates to be brushed, and as a result gets horribly matted, hence his name, Matt.

Matt came to us from the street. He was about 10years old when he came to us. At that time he was quite wild, and matted to the point that sheets of matted fur were pulling away from his body. It was terrible; both the matts and his physical condition. Anyway, he came to us, we took him in, take care of him, and brought him to Mexico.

Matt loves the heat here. He will lie on the patio in the sun till you can barely stand to touch him he's so hot. So we try to time his periodic shavings to coincide with hot weather. We are very bad weather forecasters.
So yesterday, we had no plans to go out so it was the perfect time to plan a cat shaving day. Yes, day. It takes a long time to shave Matt. He is old! Did I tell you he's 23. He has arthritis in his hips, and he hates them to be touched. Add to that we have cheap-assed clippers that can't get through the undercoat of a mainecooncat. I now know just how cheap-assed our clippers are. We borrowed our friends really nice clippers (Andis AG2), OH MY GOSH!. Guess that's the difference between spending 24US and 150US (Can you guess who spent the 24$) Anyway, regardless of the method you spend 15-20 minutes on him, then you have to let him be for a while.

So we popped in a movie, one we've seen numerous times, so that you don't mind jumping up and down.

Well the shaving overall went really quickly - there were areas where you have to use tiny little scissors and just cut strands at a time because the matts are right against the skin. And believe it or not, an old cats skin gets very loose and very thin. So you really have to be carefull.

So now he's shaved, and it's cold, Perfect! I feel great!