Dreaming Isla

1445, 21 April

Repairman called, can't find the house. Good Grief - I stand in the street dodging traffic till he shows up, 1/2 a minute to replace a bad thingy, with a better thingy and he's gone and the fridge is a hummin!

1030, 19 April

Well no service call yesterday, heck not even a phone call. Although I did call ServiPlus twice and all I could get was Yes, we are scheduled. As soon as I asked if they could check with the technician they couldn't understand my spanish at all, curious?

We took off about 7:30PM to go to jFr's for snacks and drinks before heading to the MACAY for the art show. Had a lovely time. Got to the MACAY close to 9:30PM, the place was hoppin, lots of people in attendance. Quite a few we know, and even more that we don't. Had a lovely visit, saw the art, ... About 11PM a few of us headed over to AMARO, for another snack and drink, plus the live music. Overall a fun evening.

1815, 18 April

Well 45 minutes to go and still no repair guy. Trip to Isla is off, but we do get to go to an Art Opening for a friend at the MACAY tonight; so all is not lost.

1210, 17 April

We have a service call in for tomorrow, we aer scheduled between 9AM and 7PM is that a hoot or what. Of course the guy might get to us today. Unbelievable but we have a 3-year warranty on the refri - Tom unplugged the fridge, then after a bit plugged it back in and got sparks and flames. It's unplugged - are we smart or what!!

How about that - the karmic world taking care of us I guess! we weren't meant to leave today!

All the leftovers and perishables are out - pollo asado for lunch!

0830, 17 April

OK so we got up this morning freezing, for crying out loud it was 70 in the house.

We were planning to leave today to go to Isla Mujeres and stay through till Tuesday; attend a Bloggers Meeting, get in some diving, drink a few beers, eat quite a bit, etc, etc. This mornings cold weather had us re-evaluating the diving part. We've become positively reptilian since living in Merida for 27months. After an internet search and review of the 5-day forecast we were going to be traveling light, sans 25#'s of dive equipment each.

Then things started to happen.

There were several loud electrical sounding pops, then the smell of burning electrical in the pantry. Our pantry is appliance heavy, but the only things that run 24/7 are the refris, yes 2, and the wine cooler. After pulling out the big everyday refri, and cleaning under it so Tom could get on the floor and have a check, Tom is very handy, the compressor is the problem. The compressor kicks on for 6-8 seconds, the electrical smell returns strongly and the compressor cuts off; It is now doing this with persistent regularity. So to get to the point of this tale; we won't be leaving today, we must find a repair person. If all goes well we can leave tomorrow. If things don't go well, well who knows what may happen...At least the fridge is empty of leftovers, and perishables - and thank goodness it wasn't the coffee maker.

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