We have Murcielagos

Yes, we do! No big deal; I actually like having them, they eat bugs. I just hate having them fly up on the terraza/patio. They leave batcrap everywhere.

I have to scrape batcrap from the tabletops every morning. The cushions are covered in batcrap spots and need to be recovered in a waterproof/washable fabric. The walls are spotted with batcrap which discourages us from actually painting the walls. I'm getting used to cement grey.

We've had several discussions on how to discourage them from the terraza/patio area.

Suggestion 1 - lights - well when we sit out there of an evening we have lights on, we are there laughing, talking, moving around. They don't mind. Our bats seem to like a party. They swoop in while we are there...

Suggestion 2 - we bought pinatas and hung them from the techo supports. The pinatas have streamers, they swivel and move; this is supposed to discourage them as well. NOPE!

Suggestion 3 - red lights - haven't tried this one yet. Guess we should find a 'red light' store.

Any other suggestions are welcome!!!!