The Pergola Saga continues!

OK you remember the story of the Pergola. How I made a layout of the back garden space, put in a rough design of how I wanted it, planted the large foundation pieces, outlined the pathways in stone, and then started filling in with all the smaller flowery, smelly, fruity stuff. Stuff to attract birds and butterflys, and if possible to provide little snacks for us as well.

After finally deciding on the location We put markers on the ground to decide on size to space, and then also had to choose the alignment. I wanted the sides to align with North, South, East, and West. Unfortunately Our property sits along the same lines. This would have lined the pergola along the same line as the fence, ugly. So we changed our markers so that the corner columns point to the compass cardinal points. I like the way it looks. We lived with the markers for a few months to be sure it was correct.
Then we hired the mason, Manuel. He and helper constructed the base and the installed the columns. He also did a few other projects while he was here.
Next we had to find the wood for the cover. Who knew the wood would be so expensive. After several months the wood was purchased, then delivered,
then it had to sit in the bodega to dry,
then after 5 weeks it finally went up.

We had help from lots of friends. Tom utilized Walter and George for wood pickup and delivery, and Greenwood and Richard for moving the wood to the top of the pergola. Nothing we can say can express our appreciation to these fine friends for their assistance.

Now the Pergola is complete, well almost - it still needs to be decorated!

Chimes, plants, small table and 2 chairs, etc. We received a really cute strand lighted bluebird lights, so now need to run electric.

You can see all the Pergola pictures here!

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