The Heat, the Humidity, the Guilt

I feel so guilty about not posting,

I feel really lazy about blogging right now; heck I feel pretty lazy about everything right now. I got a cold/respiratory infection a few weeks ago and with this heat and humidity I've had a horrible time getting over it. I am actually starting to feel my frisky self again, but only from 5 - 10AM, and again from 8-midnight. But in between, NO! not so much.
The heat and humidity are getting to me. I am having such a time right now dealing with it!
2 1/2 years here and this is really the first time I feel oppressed by it.
The mornings are amazing; It's so beautiful and cool. I've been getting some much needed gardening done (weeding, grass clipping, etc) and I'm prepping for the new plantings I plan to make in the next 2-3 weeks to be ready to get it done as soon as rainy season hits. But by 10AM it is too much for me, I cool off in the pool then retire to a dark corner in front of the fan to read, sew, or do any other really lethargic thing (Blogging seems like a natural here right?). It's really the humidity, I barely need to walk outside and I am running in rivers of sweat; In Colorado after A LOT of exertion I would glow, or glisten, or glimmer, here I SWEAT - great torrents and buckets of sweat.

Tom is busy finishing up the window covering design we came up with as hurricane protection. Last year we happened to be in the US when Dean came threatening. Our friends that were cat/house sitting asked us where our hurricane kit was, and how did we cover our back windows and doors which have no glass, only screen...all we could was well, we haven't really dealt with that yet. So now we are dealing with it - we have extra bottles for bottled water, a battery operated radio, flaslights, candles, matches, ... We are prepping things for easy install to cover the back windows and doors, as well as we have the steel guy building a contraption to mount over the suncube opening (we have a small room in the house that is open to the outside through the roof; it is a mini garden with a fountain, it too only has screen covering it.) Anyway, Milton, our iron/steel guy is building an L shaped 3 sided frame that will be installed on the top of this opening and we will have a piece of plywood cut to size that we slide into the frame and then clip into place with an attachment he has designed and minimal water will enter through the opening.
So I think our hurricane preparations are handled, well except for the last minute run to the market for extra beer and ice.

One other thing we are up to is planning a wall to be built between us and the street. We have the uncommon luxury here of having a front garden with 2, yes 2 parking spaces. Now that we've been living in the house for a while we know things that we didn't know when we were designing it. The front faces West, and in the afternoon the sun hits the windows and heats the place up beyond tolerance. And then there is the dust from the street, and the trash blowing in the yard, and the noise, and, and, and, now we want a wall. We are working up a presupuesto/estimate with a builder, I have to go to INAH for approvals/permits... Course this should be a blog all by itself.
OK, well that's enough now. Rainy season is on it's way, things will cool, off, the mosquitos will is good!