Restaurant Review #2 - Sirloin Stockade, Merida

Yep, we finally went to Sirloin Stockade. It's been here a bit over a year, and we've heard both good and bad things. Yesterday we were way up North, and yes, for those of us South of calle 59 in Centro, that is WAY up North.
editorial comment - I sort of see Calle 59 as a dividing line in Merida. Once you get North of 59 things tend to be (underline and emphasis on 'tend to be') a bit more Contemporary, Maintained, Modernized, South of 59 is more Traditional, Well Used, Aged.

So anyway, we were at INAH (INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE ANTROPOLOGÍA E HISTORIA) which is just North of Sam's Club, we were actually there twice. This is where you must go if you live in Centro Historico and want to do any repair, modification, or change to especially the facade of your house/property. On our second trip there of the day we were successful in finally having ALL the required documents and or copies of documents to request a permit to build a wall at the front of our property. It was getting on to 2pm, and as I tend to forgo breakfast for a second cup of coffee and extra garden time, I was getting pretty darn hungry, So I suggested Sirloin Stockade.

I had heard they have a pretty good salad/food bar; and I had heard correctly. There were all sorts of salad makins, lots of fresh fruit, all sorts of prepared salads, hot foods, meats, breads, desserts, and make your own stirfry area... We didn't order any steaks which are added based on the steak you order to the food bar price, they also have chicken, grilled salmon, and other meat entrees you can add to the food bar price. There are lots of meat items already included; ham, roast beef, chicken, fried and baked, cochinita, ribs,...

I think it was a great daytime option, the service was terrific, there was a young fellow, Omar who is from Tabasco and enjoys to practice his Ingles. He seemed to be a Head Waiter as he was directing others to watch for and remove any used service and trash, as well as indicating they should be checking beverage levels, etc. He was very good!
I think we'd go back!