Tom's Birthday

Well I think Tom had a pretty good birthday;
It started out with his favorite breakfast - bacon, ham steak, grits, red-eye gravy, eggs over easy, bisquits n gravy - all carefully desguised as a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and almonds. Cuz I love ya hunny bunny!

Then he spent nearly the whole day in front of the computer in his undies, drinking coffee and reading e-cards, and answering birthday phone calls.

By 2:30 he/we HAD to be dressed because he was being taken out for a 'special' birthday lunch by friends Cherie and Greenwood - Here they are waiting for us to be ready

So off we went - to

I forgot to take photos of the meals, which were absolutely de-lish, and I forgot to take a pic of the birthday group, but here are the 2 desserts we ordered.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Tom