Veterinarian House Call (Servicio a Domicillo)

We had the Vet come to the house recently.

It was time for the boys' annual exam and round of shots.

We could have bundled them into their respective carriers and taken them to the vet, but what with Matt being 23, and the fact that vets here routinely make house calls it just seemed right.

We are currently using a Vet that speaks English; we had been using a Vet that only speaks Spanish, but it is really scary when you only 'think' you know what was being said. So for medical stuff; us and the boys, we pay the premium and seek an English speaker.

Anyway, I called and made the appointment, and at the appointened time the Vet showed up. We weren't ready because, well, it's Mexico ...

So, the Vet comes, he has his bag of stuff with a cooler bag for all the medicines, stethescope, thermometer, bright light, etc. I so wish had thought to take pictures. The only thing missing from the at home exam was the taking of their weights.

The boys got their shots, exams, and bill of good health all for 300pesos each. In the States our vet charged close to 80dollarsUS per cat for the same exam, that was before we left in December 2005. Scary to think what it is now.

So the boys have been deemed healthy and fit, the Vet was REALLY impressed at Matt's good health; he has never seen a cat that is 23 years old before.

Here's a recent photo, from just last week, we were eating grilled fish and apparently neglected to ask them if they wanted one as well. As you can see Mattie is giving us a piece of his mind. Or is he just simply asking for fish????