Tropical Fruit - Cherimoya o Biriba

On July 18 Jonna posted about tropical fruit

I am following up on that theme with a recent discovery for me. We have several people that frequent our neighborhood selling fruit and veggies. Yesterday one woman came by, wish I had thought to grab the camera, she has a big bucket she carries on her head, as well as two smaller buckets she carries. She is in huipile, and is sometimes accompanied by a young girl. Would have made for a nice photo.

Anyway, I bought several fruits (the box of juice is for scale)

the green on the far left is an avacado, the pink is a huge pittaya, the lovely manzana bananas, and the other green, lower right, is a ... and here I thought she said zaramoya, however, after excrutiating internet research, ok it took me just a few minutes - I believe it is either cherimoya or biriba.

By looking at the internet sources, it appears more like biriba, however the lady said cherimoya so who knows.

OK, so you break open the fruit, it is very squishy and soft - use a spoon to scoop out 3-4 of the fruit coated seeds, be sure to get some of the frut along the outer skin as well. You then roll the fruits around in your mouth sucking off the fruit - then remove the seeds. This is a wonderfully refreshing fruit, and not really filling, I think I'll put the next one in the fridge for a while before eating. The texture is smooth and custardy, and the flavor is unique but maybe a bit baked soft apple/pear, but better.

Next fruit will be the pittaya - We have a pittaya vine in the backyard, but no flowers or fruit just yet!