Front Wall Project - Update 2

Well the wall is coming along nicely.
Here are the daily update shots - I try to take a shot each day just before or as the workers leave, and from the same spot across the street.
July 10 July 11
July 12
July 15
July 16
July 17
July 18

It's getting harder to notice the changes like when the wall was actually being constructed. Now it's more detail work, and they are putting drains around the interior opening to divert the rain to tubes that will run down through the wall and exit onto our cement pads to then run out to the street. The raised trim around the doors was not something we asked for, we planned to just paint a faux trim strip. But with workers - sometimes they just do what they want.

I must say I am getting tired of the dust and debris. And just of having workers here all the time. We come and go during the day, sometimes singly or together; but you just can't feel comfy lying sunning in the pool when there are workers on your roof. Oh the stress of retirement!