I Voted!

Our Absentee Ballots arrived on Thursday, a bit crumpled and folded in half to stuff into our mailbox, but they arrived. And, as luck would have it a friend was departing for the USofA on Friday AM. Lucky for us we already knew what we were doing. In Colorado Springs, our County has a huge Ballot this year, so a large Ballot of Issues to discuss and debate.
One that I have never understood is the electing, or re-electing of Judges. Every County election there are any number of Judges, and the Ballot will read something to the effect 'Shall Judge Bite the Bullet McGraw be retained as 63rd District Judge?'. Now the only people that really know much about this judge are Lawyers, or Criminals, hmmmm, Neither of whom I want casting a vote! A thousand pardons to all you Lawyers out there reading my blog!