the Chicken or the Egg?

What came first - the Chicken or the Egg?

So I went to the supermarket yesterday. My local Chedraui, just about 1/2 mile away.

I was wandering with my list and trying to figure out what was so strange. I was hearing peeps, little teeny baby chicken peeps. From different carts I heard cheeps, from two young girls peering into a small paperbag I heard cheeps, then as I got closer and closer to the eggs, yes, on my list. There they were - boxes upon boxes of pollitos, tiny little yellow baby chicks.
It was a Crio promotion, Crio being a large supplier of both eggs and chicken.

Oh, please don't even think you wouldn't have taken one! Well I wanted 3, but didn't want to be hoggish, so only asked for 2. And since they've lived through the night I am feeling confident, if I can just keep them warm through this freezing 70 degree weather.

Good Grief I can barely keep myself warm. Dragging out of my warm bed this morning was misery, then a shower, and all this cold - BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

So the cheeps are in the Guest Bathroom, door closed, light on, heating pad under the box; I ground up oats, tortillas, bread, dog kibble, and corn meal for them, they have bird seed, and water.

Keep your fingers crossed, and please don't let them be roosters!