I feel guilty putting that as my title, especially the day after Thanksgiving, which was spent among friends; And because I am so very fortunate, in so many ways.

HOWEVER, my camera is on the fritz and I am going insane not being able to take photos. How odd that I didn't realize when I had the darn thing how much I use and rely on it.
I have an Olympus FE-230, it is just over a year old. In mid November, well the 15th and 16th to be exact, we were out in the field on a birding event and the darn camera started acting strangely. I would turn it on and the screen would stay dark, or the lens would push in and out then shut the camera off, or it would act normal but not focus. I had charged the battery just before the trip, but thought OK, maybe it's the battery, so recharged once I got home, no good.
So, now I don't know if it's the camera or the battery. The camera takes a lithium LI-42B battery, but I haven't found one here locally. I can't seem to find a digital camera repair shop. I've tried a few camera stores but they don't have my battery. The hard part here is you really have to go to every store, calling and asking someone just doesn't work. And you can't even go into a chain like Omega and ask them to call the other stores or to check inventory, it just doesn't work.

The battery needs to be tested under load, to see if it is functioning properly. I have several people in various stages of en-route to Merida from the US; from an arrival tomorrow, to mid-December, so can make some decisions about buying a battery or a whole new camera.
I just would hate to order a 35$US battery, get it muled down only to find out it isn't the battery.
Oh the stress, oh the drama.

It's odd, I just never realized how dependent I am on the camera, although it did live in my purse, I took it everywhere.

So my visit to the fair at Xmatkuil was terrific, but no fotos, the topiary 18-wheel truck is being festooned with christmas lights, but no fotos, Thanksgiving and no fotos, orchids blooming and no fotos, baby chicks still alive and getting feathers but no fotos, Tech being constantly adorable and no fotos, friends flower shop open house, yep you guessed it, no fotos... I NEED MY CAMERA.