Orchids - Dig This!

Rhyncholaelia Digbyana that is -

I got blooms last year in December and January, and this year it is blooming in November. Could be the really cool nights we are having right now!

I have quite a few orchids with flower spikes, mostly the Schumbergkias. My Oeceoclades bloomed in September. I have quite a few that I have yet to accurately identify, so am eager for the blooming to begin.

Puppy Update - Corre went to live with Gary on September 19. Reports are that both are happy! I have avoided asking for a visit, just too difficult; But hear through mutual acquaintances that all seems to be well.
We had 2 people interested in Tech but both were unwilling to take her until all parasites were gone, which here in the tropics is practically impossible and is only effective with regular quarterly drugs. Even healthy dogs apparently require the quarterly maintenance drugs. Being from Colorado, the high desert, we never really had to deal with any of these issues so it's been a real learning experience. So anyway, with only ONE puppy in residence the dynamic changed tremendously and we've decided to not say 'Good-Bye' to Tech.
Somehow she seemed to know - Duh, just look at that face!


Here she is helping Tom to clean papers from the file cabinet, She's the safety shredder.