Meme Challenge

Wayne aka IslaGringo posted a blog meme challenge he found - read his post here

Take your 6th photo folder and the 6th photo found there - post it and describe it.

Well, how ironic that the 6th folder is my Blog Photos folder, and here is the 6th photo;

This photo is from the 2008 MELL (Merida English Language Library) Chili Cookoff.

The MELL hosts an annual chili cookoff and street sale. They get special permission to block their section of Calle 53 for the day, set up tents and rent out space to vendors to sell any and everything. Antiques, plants, cherubs, old clothes, you name it it shows up for sale. This has become an incredibly popular event among not only the Expats but Yucatecos as well.

In addition to the sale the Chili Cook Off takes place.

Aspiring Great Chefs prepare a large batch of their secret recipe chili, and for 100pesos, all of which goes to the Library, you get a small bowl and a spoon and a ticket that entitles you to taste as many chilis as you can or as you want. You then get a ballot and vote for your favorite.

This photo is under the chili tent during set up; once the tasting starts it is packed tight.

It really is a fun event and quite worthwhile. There is also a beer and soda stand where you can buy a beverage, I believe this booth is run by the Library itself so all profits, profit the MELL.

The 2009 Chili cookoff is Sunday, January 25. Mark your calendar and plan your visit!


Sidebar: The MELL also has a WishList set up with Amazon - You can help us both out by using the Amazon Link here on my page and accessing/ordering stuff for the MELL.

Here is the MELL's WishList info

AMAZON.COM AND MELL- Are we on your Christmas List?

We are often asked what titles we are looking for at MELL. To this end we have created a MELL WISHLIST on that our members can visit. If you go to, access Wish List, and enter the MELL email meridaenglishlibrary at hotmail dot com you can see the complete list. If you wish to buy a title for us, that would be wonderful!! MELL does not buy new if there is a good quality used book for purchase. If you do purchase a title online it is best if you have it shipped to your US or Canadian address and then brought back with you in the future.
Used books are generally much cheaper, but normally you pay shipping to the original seller. AMAZON often provides free shipping to a US address.