A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words - Well so much has been going on since I lost my camera - and none of it has been photographed. I wish I had the abilities of Paul aka HammockMan, or Theresa to paint pictures with words, but alas my prose falls flat.

I have been to numerous events worthy of photos since that fateful mid November camera meltdown; Art openings, Flower Shop Open House, dinner parties, flower shows, The Fair at Xmatkuil, Thanksgiving came and went, Gallery Events, Book Signings, the beach, friends have come and gone, a Quartet Concert, Guadalupanaos, Artisan Craft Fairs, amazing street scenes, family of 4 or was it 5 on a motorcycle (yes, all with helmets), alters, creches, novenas, posadas, big fancy ass birthday parties, little intimate birthday parties, the Women's Club Annual Sleigh Ride/Dinner/Dance, other bloggers visiting, funny pet photo opportunities, the chicks are growing and not nearly so cute and adorable as before, my own orchids blooming and dying off, I made peanut butter and would surely have shared that experience (can anything be more monotaneous and boring than shelling, twice (the hulls then the husk) a bag of peanuts, oh by the way Tom has decided that he likes a little salt in his homemade peanut butter, well maybe next time.

Oh man, I need a rest! My new camera arrives late on the 19th, so I'll miss another blogger visit, but maybe Theresa will take a photo. I have a yucatecan friends birthday on Saturday so maybe, just maybe I'll get the camera in time to charge everything up and be ready for that.

Gratuitous photos from Septembers Charro Parade