Merida Insider Update

Hubby and I are currently on a little trip in Oaxaca, along with travelmates Bob and Sally.

Well I´ve been given the official ´Go Ahead´ by Merida Insider´s MexicoBob to announce that he plans to rebirth Merida Insider. It will change to Yucatan Insider and become more encompassing of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Just wanted to shoot this out quickly to let everyone know.


  1. The MI news is good,I took it for granted that the information there would be there when I needed it later. I printed out a few posts that had to do with legal matters but not enough. Good news indeed.

  2. I'm so pleased to hear this. When I first started my awareness of the Yucatan expat web community, it was Merida Insider that I found first and became addicted to, introducing me to so may fascinating people, opening up so cultures, places, events, etc.

  3. That's neat. I wonder if url is going to be different or we will need to re-register. Thanks for the update.

  4. I love to read Bob's posts, he always has a learning post.

  5. Every few days I'll click on my MI bookmark, only to be greeted with that awful 404 message. Great news.

    Hey, Debi, let us know how the trip was. I'm planning a similar expedition when I get down there in March.

    -- Josh

  6. Hooray!

    Many thanks to those whose efforts are making this possible!

  7. That's great news. I would be willing to pay a membership fee, the information and contacts there are more than worth it.

  8. Oh Yay!! I do miss it a lot. I just never cottoned to the Yolisto forum so never bothered to register. I'm so pleased that MI will return in whatever configuration.