Camina Con tu Mascota 2009

Every year AFAD (Albergue Franciscano del Animal Desprotegido) hosts a petwalk to help raise funds for their animal rescue shelter.
This is our first year with a mascota (pet) that we would consider to take on such an outing. The cats being so far above anything as pedestrian as a 'pet'walk.

So we gave Tech a bath yesterday, and bought her a new halter so her leash and halter are now color coordinated, and this AM bright and early we were off to do our part.

Here she is in the backseat, anxiously waiting to get there!

Registration tent with staff in orange AFAD shirtsWhat the #%@* is that? That's not a dog!
and it needs it's own referee?

Oh, there, that's more like it!

They're more my size!
After the walk, hanging out, making new friends.What a good puppy!

None of us got a good nights sleep last night since Tech caught a zorro, or opossum here in the Yucatan, about 3am. She has a very specific sound when she has actually caught or trapped something, and so when she woke us with that sound we were up and out. Since I wear jammies all I needed were flipflops, but Tom needed pants, flips, flashlight...

I got there first, saw the dead possum, called Tech off and carried her toward the house. I told Tom about the 'dead' possum, He understood what I meant was that it's dead, you get rid of it. I let Tech go and said, 'she'll show you where it is' and I followed them both out. Tech got to the 'spot', but kept going. The possum wasn't dead, it had just been playing possum. It was trying to get up the wall but Tech was on it again. I held her off so the possum could get to the top of the wall where Tom pushed it over the other side with a stick. Maybe that possum will think again about using our yard as a shortcut.

Add to that that Tom and I had gone to the botana bar with friends, and naturally had a few beers with the botanas. Then to another friends house for a few kick ass margaritas, before going out to dinner with more friends and having a few bottles of wine. Whew, retirement is rough!

Anyway, the petwalk was fun, we walked saw some friends, met some new folks, sweated out the beer, tequila, wine.....