Not all news is ALL the news

A blog I was recently reading has a link to the New York Times Mexican edition. Apparently the New York Times compiles news reports about various countries, and lumps those together in 'Special' sections.
So I have been checking out the Mexico section and seems the New York Times feels the only Mexican news worth reporting is Drug or Cartel related.
No wonder the rest of the World is afraid to travel to Mexico.
There really is a lot more going on in Mexico than drug dealers and cartels.
In fact the local paper, Diario de Yucatan is full of news reports on economy, health, social injustices, social events, current infrastructure achievements and deficiencies, sports, and local events that occured to celebrate Dia de la Mujer (Day of the Women), both in praise of Women in general, and the fight for Women's Rights. Not to mention weddings, funerals, engagements, business openings, gala events, the new golf club, etc.
Well so much for reporting the news!