A Reluctant Blogger

I started this blog about 16 months ago. It was with the intent to keep family and friends up to date on what was happening in our lives. It now also includes Daily Life stuff, travel, and sometimes issues of living here in Merida, or in some cases here in Mexico.
A number of blogs that I read mention tracking who reads their blog, where do they come from, etc. I finally figured out this requires a separate program subscription; I've chosen SiteMeter. Now I'll be able to track how many hits to my blog, and from where do they come. I'm not sure what this will do for me, other than cause me to spend even more time on the computer than I do already.
I installed, or signed up for SiteMeter just yesterday, and so do not yet have any info. In fact in the first 18 hours SiteMeter says not a single visit has been made. Seems odd!
So now, I need to worry if people actually read my blog; which makes no sense since I get comments, and have several 'followers'. Why oh Why did I do this to myself, Do I Really Need This Kind of Stress?