Black-Headed Trogan - Birding in my BackYard

As I do most mornings, this morning being no exception, I took my coffee and went to my pergola to enjoy both the coffee and the garden. Early is the best garden time, just at or after dawn as it is so refreshingly cool; the birds are starting their early morning activities, and the buses have not yet swung in to full operation for the day.

This is actually Tom and Tate enjoying the pergola

I typically don't take my binoculars, but usually have to come back to the house to get them, and again this morning being no exception. So why did I come back for binos this morning- A new visitor to my garden and to the neighborhood I believe as I hadn't seen him before and this terrain isn't typical for the Trogans

I got some photos, but my zoom isn't powerful enough -
This is the photo as taken

and this is cropped so you can see the detail.

A very exciting siting for me. A personal first, AND in my backyard.

This morning the Trogan was feeding on insects, it would fly out, do a quick loop, similar to the way Flycatchers catch bugs, and then return to perch with a morsel (looked to be caterpillars).

The few times it flew a distance it flies in a peaks and valleys motion.

Also on this mornings, not year round visitor sighting list, Blue-Gray Tanager, Vireo (still trying to decide exactly which one), groove-billed Ani, oh shoot, there were more I just can't think of them at the moment.