Día del Maestro - Teachers Day

Today is Teachers Day here in Merida!
Thanks to Teachers everywhere for all you do!

Today in the Diario they announced that an additional hour per day will be added to class days so that the schoolyear will end on its regular day, July 10. This is to make up for the 35 hours of school that was missed due to the H1N1 influenza closures.

And if I am reading the Diario correctly, highly unlikely, the Union and SEP (I don't know what SEP is) came to an agreement that the teachers will receive 12 days pay for the time missed due to the influenza closures. I am really happy to hear that, as to loose that much of your income here in Mexico, and probably anywhere could really devastate your life.

The teachers had to go into the schools last weekend and disinfect their classrooms, and common rooms prior to the return of the students. And I've noticed the kids and teachers all wearing the blue facemasks. Canucka in Cancun indicated in a blog that some kids there were turned away from school if they didn't have their facemasks. For folks with kids, she really offers a lot of valuable "raising kids in Mexico' advice. Even if you don't have kids, her blog is full of valuable and insightful info - a real must read!