Meet Alfonse

We can't have too many friends, can we?

When we came to Mérida we brought with us two cats. Two older cats, one at the time 21, the other at the time 10. We really didn't expect Matt, the older one to last tooo much longer, and then well who knew about Tatie. We wanted to travel, still do actually, and having animals just creates issues don't they. Well, time has passed, we've been here a bit over 3 years now, we've done some travelling - we still have both cats; we acquired, (read - I went out an bought) 2 parakeets, we have a dog, and now --- we have Alfonse.

Back in Colorado I had a small (about 1 1/2 gallon) acrylic fish tank similar to this. It was on my office desk to provide much needed stress relief. After I left my cushy office job - the tank and Alpha, the Betta came home. I found, and still do find Bettas to be incredibly personable fish and enjoy having one around. I had been checking around trying to find a small tank so I could get another Betta. I found this exact same tank at the petstore in the mall here in Mérida; it cost 1100 pesos, thats nearly 100USdollars. My tank in the US had cost me 20bucks at Wal-mart. And No, I couldn't get it at the Wal-mart here! Trust me, I tried. Anyway, a new friend was coming and kept asking was there anything we wanted brought down - Welllll - I sent in my request, and she agreed, so for 20bucks, and the good graces of some new friends, we got Alfonse's little habitat!

This picture is just a cool double reflection thast makes him look sort of dragonish.