Americans for Medicare in Mexico

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Not that I don't think each and everyone of you don't already read Yucatan Living but because you may have missed this due to the abundance of other stuff.

I'm not yet ready for Medicare, dammit, but it just makes good common sense to get this in place for those that do qualify - and to save the system some money so that maybe I can get Medicare when the time comes. Here's a link to the MediCare website

Americans for
Medicare in Mexico
The time has come for Americans in Mexico to fight even harder to push through legislation that will allow eligible senior citizens, living in Mexico, to use their Medicare benefits where they live. This is especially true of the preventive care that is often much lower cost in Mexico than north of the border which will, in turn, result in a huge Medicare savings. The improved outcomes for seniors living in Mexico, who are more likely to seek care in the initial stages of an illness, will ensure a higher quality and longer life for those who are its beneficiaries. We ask that everyone - please - join in this struggle for eligible senior citizens to have access to the care they have earned by visiting the website of Americans for Medicare in Mexico.

Gracias Yucatan Living - for all your great work.