It's good to have friends

My friends are my estate - Emily Dickenson

And with friends our wealth of possible escapes expands! We recently were invited to spend a bit of time with friends, at their friends place in Puerto Vallarta (or PVR for short).

We've been to PVR many times, in fact it was on (and still is actually) our top 3 list for retirement locations. We haven't been back to PVR in nearly 6 years, so this was a most eagerly accepted offer. Not to mention the opportunity to spend time with friends that we only see sometimes once a year, because unfortunately they are still tied to, gasp, employment.... in the USofA.

Our friends other friends condo in PVR is just South of town at Upper Conchas Chinas. Very high end, and very high. The development is built on the hill face overlooking the bay.
It was tough -

here's our morning on the balcony with coffee view!

We really had a great time - thanks to a little help from our friends.
We ate out, we ate in, we shopped, we sat on the beach, we played in the water, we played cards, we kept tabs on Lance, we took in some personal care activities, we went on a boat tour, we toured the Botanic Gardens, and we enjoyed beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

I get by with a little help from my friends - John Lennon