oh the wind she was a blowin

We had such a storm last night - so much wind, swirling and blowing, nearly 3/4" of rain coming in sheets.

I was in the middle of fixing dinner, about 7:30-8PM when the power went out. No Prpblem, we're hurricane ready, the stove is gas, I just cooked and we ate by candlelight. So very romantic, well except that we had no fans and it was really humid and stuffy.

Don't get me started on badly we slept, tossing, turning, sweating, we were a moveable mosquito feast. Boy do we rely on those fans. Yipes!

We have a momma dove and two babies in the sour orange just outside the kitchen; we were holding vigil in case we needed to mount rescue efforts. They rode out the storm and are all sitting pretty this morning.

We did suffer some garden and plant damage; pots blown over, some plants uprooted, lots of leaves stripped off, some branches down. We'll be sweeping and raking today.

We've been without power now for over 12 hours; no sign of CFE, our electrc provider so don't know if anyone has called it in or not. I tried calling but just got pushed to 'hold' with some great panflute music.

I'll be contacting friends about freezer space pretty soon.

Luckily our park has wireless, so I can walk over and check email periodically. Oh and send out quick blog notes as well.