We packed to many

clothes, and forgot a few things that would have been handy. But isn't that always the way.

We just returned from 3 nights on Holbox Island, in Quintana Roo. On this map you can see Merida in the upper left, and then over on the upper right corner is Isla Holbox which isn't actually an island at all but a spit of land, in that it is actually attached to the mainland.

It was a fabulously succesful trip. We went to swim with the whale sharks - and we were in and out of the water with different ones 5 or 6 times during the day.

Here are two of the whalesharks we swam with, the one in the second picture was about 11meters/35feet long. The one in the first picture was not quite as long.

I have some closer up shots but you'll have to wait in them till I blog about the tour.

There are many different things I plan to blog about this trip but some need to be in separate blogs.

One blog will be the drive there and back. We have route, mileage, unmarked turns, etc. It was very difficult for me to get good clear directions, so this is for the next guys wanting to drive without taking the cuota/toll road.

I will also report on the whale shark tour in more detail.

And I will report on the hotel, and some general impressions.