We now live in a red light district

You may remember in a previous post on our ongoing bat problem, I made this statement "So for us - lights 0, bats 1 - fans 0, bats 2 - sound machine 0, bats 3. On to the next bat deterrent."

Well our most recent bat deterrent attempt may just put that score at bats 3, us 1. And let's just say we WON! HA! Day, well night #2 without bat crap everywhere.

In a neighboring yard there is a tree that produces a berry like fruit, similar in shape to a mulberry but it stays green.. It is a HORRIBLE tree. It drops so many berries that then lay on the ground and rot and smell putrid and breed fruit flies, ICK, I hate that tree! Well, the frut bats love this tree, and they like to hang under our patio roof, right over our table and eat and shit these horrid little green berries.
This doesn't even begin to show how icky this is, and this is one nights activity.

We finally found a 'red' light bulb. We had been told stories of people who know other people for whom red lights work to deter/repel bats. Our red light has been on the past 2 nights and no bat crap. I may be premature in my exuberance, But I am happy to announce it to all, I live in a red light district!
Now you have first hand testimonial. The red light is working for us in deterring bats!
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